Commercial Snow removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Do you need a dependable snow removal company in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and surrounding areas?

Burl-Oak Landscaping is the Burlington and Oakville area’s premier choice for snow removal and de-icing services for commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. Our service teams work around the clock to ensure that our clients receive the best possible protection from snow and ice, and we are committed to keeping you safe from the hazards of winter weather.

Plowing Service

Our trucks are equipped to respond to any storm. Our equipment is maintained and regularly inspected so we’re always ready to serve you best. We’re always monitoring our work sites’ weather conditions. We know when you need us, and are there before you need to call. If requested, we take care of salting your site as well.

Our snow plowing, salting and other snow removal services are fully insured. We take pride in being the most reliable and thorough snow removal service in the area.

To get a quote or to book us for snow removal this winter, please contact us.

Snow Removal

If the snow is piling up, we can physically remove snow from your property, where it is disposed of at a city authorized area. Removing snow stops you from having an ugly snow pile on your property. These snow banks eventually turn grey and black from exhaust fumes. They also can melt in warm weather and re-freeze, which can cause damage to pavement and stonework.

Burl-Oak pays attention to the little details. For example, we are gentle on pavement, ensuring we don’t chip, or put pot holes into your driveway, walkways and entrance ways.

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